Monday, October 17, 2011


when directed against the Occupy protestors?

Let me paraphrase this question, which thinly conceals a great deal of hostility. What the "what do you want" question really means is this:

"You protestors want too much that we don't want you to have. So we shall pretend you are incoherent. We shall pretend you are saying nothing. You are a very large body that has pulled off an unprecedented anarchist miracle of being organized, lucid, intelligent, and non-violent without having some small clique at your head that can be corrupted by the power of leadership or destroyed by us killing them, corrupting them, slandering them, or otherwise neutralizing them. We shall set limits on what and how much you want. When you modify and reduce your demands to a level acceptable to us, we will pretend that only then are you actually saying anything. Cut down your demands. And while you're at it, fight amongst yourselves doing so, split the 99% up into warring pieces. When you are done, we shall make an alliance with whoever suits us, and use that fraction to sweep away the rest."

That is what "what do you want" means. And we will not fall for it.

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