Sunday, November 3, 2013

Should I or Shouldn't I?

I have an opportunity to fly to Holland in the next few days with some friends and stay there for the rest of November.  But this is the worst possible time because there is so much going on at home.  I absolutely HATE decisions like this. I don't want to miss Holland, but everything here is so complicated right now.  Just posting this to see if by some miracle somebody has magic advice for me.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Just Published by Me at Smashwords . . .

"The Trumpet of Destiny" is the latest of my stories to be published at Smashwords.  It's a spanking story involving a confrontation between a jealous wife and the Other Woman.  This story was originally in the 2010 Spank! anthology published by Logical-Lust and edited by D.L. King.

Only recently, with "The Ant Queen," have I been getting into self publishing.  My previously published stories were all in hardcopy, multi-author anthologies or magazines (some of which are available as ebooks now).  But I will be systematically republishing these tales of mine as inexpensive singles.  Along the way I hope to write and publish some new stories.  Currently, I'm working on one which features a futa Mrs. Emma Peeler and a young woman at a distinguished girls' school.  I'll let you stew on that idea for a while, if you like.

For this latest story I have hazarded some cover art done by myself.  I think the cartoonish nature of it suits the story (though the characters involved are not cartoon characters).