Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Ebook Anthology Coming Out Soon!

My anthology will be coming out this Summer. It will be a Smashwords ebook of
three stories previously published in hardcopy anthologies (see sidebar to the left).

Tentatively, the three stories will be these:

"The Ant Queen" (from Best Lesbian Erotica, Cleis Press, 2008)

"The Lay of the Grecian Urn" (from Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotica, Constable and
Robinson, 2007)

"The Trumpet of Destiny" (From Spank!, Logical-Lust 2010)

Each story is a lesbian encounter and features someone getting stuck in some
way, with highly erotic consequences. Sorry, this is not a glue or goo oriented
anthology, so if you are into foot-in-the-gum erotica this is not it (I mention
this because adhesives seem to be the most popular kind of stuck fetish, and I
don't want to disappoint anyone.)

I will probably price it at about $2.99 or $3.99

There! Now I've thrown my hat over the fence, and I am committed to this!

As an incentive to get me to hurry up, just let me know here if you might be
interested. This would not be a firm or formal commitment by any means.

Now on Twitter!  @RoxyKatt1

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Check this out.  Lovely blog. Futanari, etc.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


a small erotic anthology together these days.  I intend to put three of my lesbian erotica stories together and publish them with Smashwords this Summer.  Stay tuned for news.  BTW:  I'm now on Twitter too!

Sunday, March 18, 2012


from the stupid lethargy that grinds one down in life, causing one to shuffle and skulk daily, staring down at one's own toes. Check out the following recent Youtube video on OWS. I must say at least this:

Occupy will not be stopped. When will the pigs learn? By persisting in this
oppression they risk losing their own souls. This is no empty rhetoric. Allowing
yourself to be used as a SUBHUMAN object in the service of an oppressive
capitalist regime is a genuine risk to the soul. Look at the Nazis. How many of
them ever repented, came back from the dark side? Not many. Victory to the
people. Victory to OWS!

Monday, February 20, 2012


I forgot to mention: One of my stories, "The Ungirdling, is in the new Sapphic Planet anthology. And where can you get this new ebook you ask? Try any one of the following:

And here is the table of contents:

Allison Wonderland-----Bathing Beauty
Jean Roberta--------------Fame
Kissa Starling------------An Act of Passion
Jodi Payne----------------Licked
Jennifer Cross------------Patience
Dylynn DeSaint----------Haircut
JT Langdon---------------Eyes of Surrender
Nan Andrews-------------Her Smile
Meg Leigh----------------Two Steps Back
Fiona Zedde---------------‘Love, Zora’
Ann Cory------------------Her Forever
Adriana Kraft-------------Accidental Contact
Dalia Craig----------------A Secret Liaison
Stephanie Rose------------Traffic Stop
Tenille Brown-------------Taming Tildy
Kira Chase-----------------Seduced
Moondancer Drake-------Top Priority
Roxy Katt------------------The Ungirdling
Beth Wylde----------------Brotherly Love


An erotic lesbian short story collection Edited by Beth Wylde & Kissa Starling
Cover art by Sofia Antonia Milone All stories written by the authors of the Sapphic
Planet writer’s group

Welcome to the Sapphic Planet, a literary realm where women are
free to love one another without fear of prejudice or reprisal. Inside these
pages you'll discover nineteen stories written specifically to tease and
titillate your senses.

From a frolic in the rain with a Bathing Beauty, to a concerned
sibling showing his sister some Brotherly Love, and everything in between.
Whether you're in the mood for steamy romance or unrequited lust, we've got a
story guaranteed to satisfy your cravings.

This anthology showcases just a fraction of the talent from the
writers of Sapphic Planet, a group specifically created for authors and aspiring
authors of quality lesbian literature.

Now sit back, relax and enter our world. Afterwards, while waiting
to catch your breath, take a moment to visit us online at