Sunday, October 16, 2011


You may recall my earlier post on October 11 regarding Kevin O'Leary's breathtakingly stupid and vicious interview of Chris Hedges. There has been, fortunately, something of an outcry about this, but not enough, since corporate fatcat O'Leary still has his job.

Speaking of which, why is a guy like this on the public payroll anyway? He is already on that odious "Dragon's Den" TV show, sucking at the public trough. Aren't the millions from his own enterprises enough for him? Is it possible that we don't hear often enough from millionaires in this country? If this guy needs to parade his ego all over the airwaves, can't a TV station from his beloved coroporate sector give him a job? I know I don't want my tax dollars going into Mr. Moneybags's overstuffed pocket.

We Canadians can help tell the CBC that what we most want to see on our publicly owned broadcaster right now is a new martial arts film. Let's call it Exit the Dragon. Please contact the CBC and complain.

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