Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yes, criticize them and you are not even human, apparently. What are those of us in the 99%? "Monkeys," it would seem. Check out this video at the 2:05 mark. Actually the whole thing is good, but at 2:05 we find the 1% and their usual bullshit: yes, without them there would be no jobs! And those of us who question this are "monkeys."

Every ruling class that has ever existed tells lies about its own supposed indispensability. When fascists rule, we are told their imperialist armies are actually protecting us all from war. When priests rule, we are told they are necessary to connect us to God. When aristocrats rule, we are informed that all that is good in life comes from the "bloods" and their distinguished pedigrees.

And when business rules, we are told the rest of us unwashed slobs would have nothing without them.

Such arrogance makes those adopt it insane. And it also promotes in them the deep conviction that those who oppose them are not even human. Hence, the peculiar person in the above video with his repeated cries of "monkey" at one who dared question him.

Let me turn the discussion to a deeper human level. I am a Christian. But not a very good one. I do not love this man and his haughty cries of "monkey." My thoughts about him are decidedly not Christian. But that is one more reason why I so much admire the Occupy movement in the streets: despite provocation they have remained peaceful and determined. I take strength from them. This little man who cries "monkey" assaults his own soul in his worship of false gods.

These false gods are doomed.

Yes, as the above mentioned video says, this is a class war. And it is also a war between those who see human faces all around them, and those who see mostly monkeys. I am convinced those with the better vision shall prevail.

God bless OWS. To the man who cried "monkey": your attitude infuriates at first, but then it works against you. You strengthen our determination, and you help convince those who accept your rule to change their minds. Who is the monkey then, if you are subverting yourself?

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