Saturday, October 22, 2011


because of "health and safety issues" due to the presence of OWS protestors outside? What the hell is the Church talking about?

Yes, I am an Anglican myself. But I can't wonder whether the Church is backing the politics of the establishment here. Here is a quotation from The Guardian:

"Canon Peter Bruinvels, a member of the General Synod, said the financial losses caused by the closure were a tragedy. 'Clearly now the demonstrators should pack up their tents and go. St Paul's is a greater cause than theirs and they should acknowledge that. The cathedral is losing £20,000 for every day it is shut. It gets no state support. It cannot afford to be shut.'"

"St. Paul's is a greater cause than theirs"? Jesus Christ loves everyone without exception, but does he not take sides against the exploitative rich? How is the Occupy movement not the cause of Christ? It sounds to me like Canon Bruinvels has bought into that old and absurd idea that life in Christ has something to do only with transcendance and has nothing to do with how we conduct ourselves in this world. I am afraid the Canon is mistaken.

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