Monday, December 9, 2013

I Just Moved to Vancouver

If you can believe it! And I feel like gushing all over about how beautiful it is.  But first, little Buttons is pawing at me and needs some food.  I will have to get back to this if I can, but I'm so busy unpacking stuff.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Should I or Shouldn't I?

I have an opportunity to fly to Holland in the next few days with some friends and stay there for the rest of November.  But this is the worst possible time because there is so much going on at home.  I absolutely HATE decisions like this. I don't want to miss Holland, but everything here is so complicated right now.  Just posting this to see if by some miracle somebody has magic advice for me.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Just Published by Me at Smashwords . . .

"The Trumpet of Destiny" is the latest of my stories to be published at Smashwords.  It's a spanking story involving a confrontation between a jealous wife and the Other Woman.  This story was originally in the 2010 Spank! anthology published by Logical-Lust and edited by D.L. King.

Only recently, with "The Ant Queen," have I been getting into self publishing.  My previously published stories were all in hardcopy, multi-author anthologies or magazines (some of which are available as ebooks now).  But I will be systematically republishing these tales of mine as inexpensive singles.  Along the way I hope to write and publish some new stories.  Currently, I'm working on one which features a futa Mrs. Emma Peeler and a young woman at a distinguished girls' school.  I'll let you stew on that idea for a while, if you like.

For this latest story I have hazarded some cover art done by myself.  I think the cartoonish nature of it suits the story (though the characters involved are not cartoon characters). 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Women, Mice, and Cheese -- WAITING FOR MICKEY, by Roxy Katt

This story is a bit different from what I usually do, although not more unusual than most of my work. It was published at quite a while back and is still in their archives I believe, but since their exclusive rights to the story have expired I thought I'd post it here. Enjoy.


by Roxy Katt

He has asked her to meet him here, where they first met: the Eighteenth Century Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Bizarre Curiosities. This Other Woman, at the moment alone in the room, stands tall and cool and self-possessed in her professional looking black leather suit: high heeled boots, knee length pencil skirt, fitted jacket, matching bag over her shoulder. Her hair is short and black. She wears dark sunglasses. She looks with a wry smile at the exhibit that inspired their favourite game: a delightfully filthy adventure wherein she calls him "Mickey" and he eats a fat wad of cheese out of her steaming pussy.

The glass display case before her contains a small, dead, stuffed creature, which looks like nothing more than a little ball of fuzzy orange fur. There is a plaque:

CATALONIAN CHEESE MOUSE: Known for its phenomenal sense of smell, the Catalonian Cheese Mouse is thought to have been bred secretly for purposes not entirely clear. One theory is that it was used by aristocratic ladies as a means of personal gratification.
Beneath her straining skirt, beneath the high-waisted, longline, white open bottomed girdle that secures her expensive stockings, her unpantied cunt is stuffed with cheese.

She has decided to serve him Gouda this time. Actually, she thinks, she may have cut too large a piece. It’s wedged in pretty tight and she’s getting excited already. When will he get here?
When he does, she wants to tell him to skip the restaurant they had planned. They’ll go straight to her apartment and they will pretend that she was going to give some nice cheese to her pet "Mickey" but seems to have misplaced it. She and "Mickey" will look high and low for it, until he will sniff the air and say, "Wait! I smell it."

"Where, Mickey? Tell me where?"

"The smell seems to be coming from under your skirt, mistress."

"Oh no. That’s not possible."

Sniffing about her as she tries to dodge him: "I believe it’s in your cooter, mistress."

"What? How stupid do you think I am? How could I possibly be stupid enough to lose a huge whack of cheese up my thing and not even know it? Oh you dirty minded little mouse. No cheese for you!"

"Yes! I wants it! I must have it!"

"NO! You’re a very bad little mousie. Back to your cage this instant!"

Then of course, mousie loses all control, and, dreadful little creature that he is, strips, binds, and orally ravishes his unfortunate mistress while berating her for her culinary stupidity, all the while enjoying two kinds of delectable repast at once.

If "Mickey" doesn’t get here soon, she thinks, sweating into her girdle and her leather outfit, I’m going to have to find the ladies room here and . . .

* * * * * * * *

This last one was the last straw. My husband has cheated on me for the last time and I am leaving him. But when I found the bitch’s picture I was conflicted: damn, she’s hot. Do I want to kill her, or do her? I’ve suppressed my desires for both sexes for years to be loyal to my husband. Not any more. It would serve him right too if I took his latest popsie away from him.

And why not?

So here I am, unnoticed by her at the opposite end of the Eighteenth Century Room at the Metropolitan Museum of Bizarre Curiosities. Tasteful, tight black leather. Very hot. She looks terrific. Very well put together.

But you can’t just walk up to a woman and say, "Hi! I’m the wife of the bastard whose been boinking you! Let’s have dinner!"

She looks very proud. Proud bitch! How I’d love to break that pride and turn her into a quivering puddle of jello. I wonder what would happen if this proud bitch encountered a situation she simply couldn’t handle? What if something bizarre and terrible happened to her in this museum of the bizarre and she got into trouble and ended up pleading for rescue? Rescued people can be very grateful.

Yes, I know all about hubby’s habits. He and I used to do the cheese thing long ago when he still cared. If my hunch is right and she’s got her muff wrapped around a fat stick of Edam or Gouda she’s about to have a surprise.

Yes, enter my new little friend, Mickey. Hello, my little furry friend. Tired of being inside my stuffy little purse? How about if I set you down on the floor here. What’s that? You smell something tasty? Off you go then. See what you can find. Yes, look at him run, the little devil, look how he scampers right towards her, her with her cheese laden and unsuspecting Achilles cunt. My dear Mickey does love a bit of cheese so.


Monday, October 28, 2013

"The Cock Whisperer" -- a futa story by Roxy Katt

If I recall correctly, this is the photo that inspired me to write "The Cock Whisperer" for the Sway Lingerie site some time ago.  I love a woman who looks like she's exhausted just from the labour of getting into her pants or jods.

There's nothing like that "I'm too sexy for you to look at me" look.  Drives me wild.  You know she's just asking for some comeuppance she will never expect.

"The Cock Whisperer" is short and sweet and you can read it for free.  I must say that the woman in question in my story has somewhat different equipment than the one shown at the left.  You have been warned.

Friday, October 25, 2013


. . . you've got to get into some kind of embarrassing or humiliating predicament while wearing it!  At least, that's my philosophy.  At long last, I have finally gotten into self-publishing one of my pervy stories.  After publishing with a number of major hardcopy anthologies (see sidebar) I decided to try at last publishing on my own.  Check out "The Ant Queen" at Smashwords.

It's been a few years since I was active in the erotic story industry.  Some other things have gotten in the way, but Roxy's back.  Expect more.

Saturday, October 12, 2013


I didn't die or anything.  Yes, it has been over a year since my last post here.  But I have not written any erotica for quite some time, having been involved in other things.  But I intend to get back into the game soon.  As you can see from the sidebar to the left I was published in a number of pretty cool hardcover anthologies in the past.  But I think my next projects will be to publish (or re-publish) some of my stories individually on the net.  Stay tuned, or catch me at Twitter: @RoxyKatt1