Friday, October 7, 2011


If you've been watching your televisions you probably have NOT gotten coverage of something VERY important going on in your country right now, which has been going on since September 17 and is getting bigger.

Wall Street in New York has been occupied by thousands of protestors who want their country to belong to the American people and not to the fucking banks and big corporations.

Please do NOT make the mistake of believing that if it's not on TV it is not important. Television is owned by Moneybags -- it is not a mom and pop operation. News which is threatening to the Moneybags of the world will be distorted or ignored. All I can say is, check out Youtube (just search under Wall Street Protest) or check out Adbusters.


jerwolf 27 said...

Funny how fox news treats the tea party as patriots and calls the Wall Street protesters a mob. I think the right may be afraid people have woke up!

Roxy Katt said...

Yes, exactly. And didn't the tea-partiers sometimes march with firearms? I have seen no evidence so far of the current protestors being violent, despite the enormous numbers of them.