Sunday, November 20, 2011


the police were supposed to protect us from people like those you might find in a biker gang. But what about when the police ARE a biker gang? Here we observe a police officer, in full macho mode, beating a protester in Oakland, November 3. Why? The cop has all the arrogant demeanour of some thin-skinned superman who feels his honour has been slighted somehow, and he must assert himself. From a position of perfect security, this pig (I will not dignify him with the title of policeman) strikes the very brave Kayvan Sabehgi.

Mr. Sabehgi is a veteran of the Iraq war. His behaviour is entirely peaceful, as you can see in the clip. Could it be this peacefulness which so enrages the furious little potentate? As the Good Book says, the darkness hateth the light.

I would like to believe that piggy was attacking in sheer frustration at his own shame. If so, there is hope that some day he will become a man again, instead of a pig. He might decide to walk on two legs again, and get out of the mire of his cruelty and self-pity, or whatever that mess is in there.

And right near the end of the video, I believe there is a woman protesting this brutality, but still trying to appeal to what is best in the police. Such patience! She is still able to hope that piggy has a human heart. And yes, she is right to do so.

It's enough to make you weep. These people strengthen me. If any of the OWS protestors anywhere is reading this, I want you to know that you strengthen me. You do indeed turn the other cheek, and out of strength, not weakness. Your peace is the peace of Christ, and I say this about all of you, whether you are Christians or not. The peace of OWS is stronger than the violence of the state.

Fuck it. How much commentary is really necessary? Just watch the video.

The people have the courage to stand up to the police. When will the police show some courage to stand up to those who are telling them how to dance? Or perhaps courage is not the issue: perhaps the cops really do love the state more than they do the people. Perhaps they are glad of what they are doing and enjoy it. But I believe the days of this wicked pleasure are numbered . . .

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