Saturday, November 19, 2011

AT LAST . . .

. . . a cop who ACTUALLY HAS A NAME. The officer in this video is, allegedly, Lt. John Pike. Yes, he pepper sprays peaceful protestors at an Occupy protest in Los Angeles, University of California I believe, as if he were casually watering daisies on a Sunday morning.

But look what you're growing, porky: contempt. More and more people are noticing your lack of guts and your willful blindness to other people's humanity and rights. They may have the mace in their eyes, but you are the one who is truly blind. Don't you see the strings attached to your limbs? Take a look up there and see who's holding them. That's it: the 1%. That's who you are serving and protecting.

And look at the discipline of the protestors! This never ceases to impress me. No one breaks ranks in a panic, no one hurls himself at the state's obedient gardener in a fury, playing into the hands of a state that is aching to prove OWS "violent."

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