Friday, October 31, 2008


If you care not only about your country but the planet it dominates:

--show the backbone we proved we don't have in Canada recently and turn down the party that best represents the interests of the wealthy parasite classes.

--say NO to the party that took you to war and murders countless people in Iraq on the basis of lies, imperialism, and a self-indulgent narcissism that calls itself "patriotic."

--say NO to a presidential candidate who thinks that any tiny effort to share the wealth in your country just a wee bit more fairly is some kind of abomination.

--say NO to the Republicans. I don't expect miracles from the Democrats, for they also are in thrall to capitalism. But there at least you find some people who want to put a break on the increasingly insane imperialism, the increasingly rampant exploitation of the poor by the rich both inside your nation and your empire.

--say NO to the Republicans, who will do anything to make you feel good about America no matter what it does. Sometimes the truth is hard. You, like the rich nations of the world in general (such as my Canada) are doing a lot of things wrong. You need to repent. You need to turn around. Anyone who tells you pleasant lies about this is a self-indulgent wimp: yes, even if he was a prisoner of war. Don't forget that Hitler spent four gruelling years in the trenches of WWI and was decorated (twice, I think) and he never denied his molly-coddled ego any lie, cruelty, or self-indulgence it craved.

Those Americans amongst you who, like myself, believe in God, know this: She loves you no more than (and no less than) Her other children. Look into your hearts. Has she given you a mission to dominate the world? Has she given anyone a mission to assert the abomination of capitalism (which has the shamelessness to call itself "democracy") anywhere? Jesus Christ and Capital are irreconcilable enemies. You cannot serve two masters. You cannot love a brother or a sister while you seek to push them into the gutter while marching down the stony road of social Darwinism.

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