Monday, October 20, 2008


A common theme in Biker's work is the accidental (or "accidental") stripping of attractive women down to their underwear or to a state of nakedness. Comical humiliation, as you all know who have spent any time at my blog or website, is right up my alley.

Now I love sturdy foundation garments, and I love situations where women are embarassed by their own figure-controlling underwear. Unfortunately, Biker does not usually draw pics of women in the more heavy-duty types of undies, preferring bra, panties, and garter belt in many instances (Benny Hill springs to mind. That is, Benny Hill situations, not Benny Hill himself!).

However, this pic is different. Imagine the audacity of one women simply hiking up another woman's dress in public to reveal her stalwart OBG! I mean, the nerve! The cheek! Or, perhaps I should say, the cheeks!

Is there no end to such insolence? Who knows? Maybe next she'll haul the poor thing's tight little dress right up over her shoulders and trap her that way, making her stagger about with her arms wrapped about her head and unable to escape...

Thanks again to Biker for permission to post his terrific work!

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