Sunday, October 5, 2008


One of my favourite erotic artists is Biker. An example of his work can be seen to the right, as part of his "Spacebabe Academy" series. Biker's work is very much about the comical and erotic embarrassment of females.

What do I like about this pic? Well, the pose for one thing. She looks like she could be making love to that fortunate flying shark. She's very nicely snuggled in there. I also love the look on her face: a kind of post-coital, dizzy self-complacency, that of a woman who feels assured that while she's in her skin-tight sexy spacesuit, and on top of her powerful jet bike, absolutely nothing can go wrong. And of course, when that's what you're thinking, that's when you're really asking for some embarrassing comeuppance, isn't it?

Any passenger she might take on would have a lovely view. BTW: where is the zipper located on that suit? Perhaps more on that with a later pic. You can check out more of Biker's work right here.

Thanks to Biker for permission to post his work!

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