Saturday, October 4, 2008


I don't know about the rest of you who are writers, but while I love getting published, sometimes I just feel each story in print is a drop in the bucket -- that I will never get anywhere until I not only write QUALITY stories (which I have no problem doing) but stories in great QUANTITY.

I should post at this blog more often. I should update my website (which I haven't worked on since May). But dammit, there are only so many hours in the day!

But what do I mean by "I will never get anywhere"? I don't know. I'm a little depressed at the moment. I went to a lovely local bookstore lately but came away with the usual resentful knowledge that while some of us must write a lot, send out to a lot of publishers, and put up with a lot of neglect from people too important to answer their email, others get all the goodies of the writing world dumped right in their laps for nothing. Take for example, what's her face who did the Sarah Palin impersonations for SNL, who has been offered a multi-million dollar contract for books she hasn't even written yet!

And yet, even as I was writing this, some woman on CBC radio just said something about focusing on what she had, rather than on what she didn't have. I missed what the context was, and I know the sentiment is corny, but I think she is right. Dammit, I can write damned good stuff. That is what I have -- that ability.

I shall carry on. "Zontar prevails"! That shall be my slogan. Some day, when I get out my erotic sci-fi anthology of lesbian and phallogyne tales, I will have that slogan in the book.

And it could be worse. I could be the unfortunate woman shown above in a suit of armour with a magnetic boot stuck on her ass. In public, too! I mean, if that happened to me, I think I'd go totally hysterical with humiliation! That poor creature!


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