Saturday, November 1, 2008


Blargh! I wrote this wee 250 word story to post at Alison Tyler's blog for her key contest, but I made a mistake about the date and now it's too late. Well, let's just post it here, shall we?


by Roxy Katt

Her shiny, form-fitting suit of armour makes her look like a steel mannequin or a robot. You can't even see her eyes beneath the narrow slits of her sealed anatomical helmet. She has a huge raygun on each metal hip.

But there is a real woman locked inside. Tall, proud, an alien with designs on my planet. She gave me her key, for the lock she can't quite reach.

Her need was unbearable, she said.

"Hurry woman," she says, bent way over, metal ass in the air. She grasps a slender tree for support. "We must not be discovered by my troops."

The lock is placed like an asshole deep between her metal cheeks. I stick the key in: turn.

*BOING!* The hinged bumhatch flips up. Her skin is so soft, so white . . .

Slowly, slowly, I push it up her bum: the huge, well oiled plug she gave me. She gasps, trembles.

Then it's all in . I pause. I throw the switch at the base and it begins to hum.

"Oh . . . oh . . . that's . . . so good," she groans faintly.

I watch. I forget what she offered me in return but it's unimportant. I push the hatch down firmly and it clicks shut.

"Huh?" she says, standing upright, feeling her locked bum. I drop the key down a ventilation slit in her back. "What the . . .?"

"Your troops have spares. Enjoy your humiliation before them, stupid bitch!" I walk away laughing. But I know her type: she'll come back for more.

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