Friday, October 16, 2009


. . . especially when she's all tied up, like Jilly here.

Now a woman all tied up and struggling is not inherently any big deal erotically, as far as I'm concerned.

In order for such a situation to be hot I believe she ought to be someone too strong, proud, or smart to ordinarily find herself in a position of humiliating powerlessness or indignity.

And what could be stronger, prouder, and smarter than an equestrienne, a woman who controls who knows how many pounds of horse flesh between her sleekly jodhpured thighs? What a comedown it would be to be such a woman, but somehow blindfolded, gagged, and bound to a chair, knowing that the psychological armour of your tight jods, which marked you out as a sexy and superior being, can be instantly subverted by the casual popping of a couple of snaps, and the insolent hauling down of that terrifically strained zipper . . .


Anonymous said...

wow, what an image! thank you for that...hehehe

Roxy Katt said...

You are welcome. I just love the way the jods fit.