Saturday, October 3, 2009


is this one by an artist named Coop.

The suit gives the appearance of one that would take a hell of a lot of work to get into. I like that.

I love the shininess, the callipygean rondure, the dizzy, sassy, vulnerable pose, and just the fact the pic is titled Rubber Catsuit (study for Goodyear).

All she needs is a Schraeder valve sticking out of her somewhere, in a spot she didn't notice in the hour or so it took her to jiggle and wriggle and seal herself up in a gynoformic inner tube. She's smiling, but I bet she's tired (forgive me! I couldn't help myself). You know how sharks are said to mistake a wetsuited diver for a seal? All I can say, honey, is don't stand too close to any careless, near-sited mechanic inflating tires! There's a seal that will be put under pressure indeed.

Thanks to Coop for permission to post this luscious work. You can see more of his work here, including a colour version of this piece.


alphaxanon said...

That is a nice pic indeed! The shine and wrinkles just emphasize how tight and solid the suit is. And the fantabulous hair spouting out of her ponytail hood is also wonderful. Doncha wish real latex catsuits fit that way? Actually, don't I wish my body looked that way!

porridgerite said...

Yes, the wrinkles of the suit are well done. Some artists just draw a catsuit as if it's simply human flesh that's been painted a particular color. That's not really my style.