Sunday, June 1, 2008


My challenge to you is simply this: prove that you actually exist (please!). As I may have mentioned on this blog before, I am fascinated by military history (esp. WWI and WWII). However, the politics of these historians tends to range from the political Middle off to the the political Right. Are there no Left military historians? Is there not a Howard Zinn of military history? I have asked before whether there is such a thing as a lefty Canadian novelist as well, with very little response. The silence is deafening. Therefore, I boldly strut forth, proudly, in my tight leather catsuit, snap my fingers contemptuously and cry, "left wing military historians and left wing Canadian novelists do not exist!"

Will no one humble me in my pride? (Please! I deserve it! I've been a bad kitty!)

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kswolff said...

I agree. There might be some, but, because of the nature of academia, they are afraid to describe themselves as left-wing. Military history is usually the place for the token conservative in academia (similarly with business history and political history).

My question is: What are the characteristics of a Left Wing Military Historian? How would they be different than a Right Wing Historian? Where are the points of difference?

Many conservative military historians have experience in the military. This would be a challenge in the US, since the military is blatantly used as a platform for born again Christians to "soul harvest."