Saturday, October 30, 2010


and while we all obediently gush about the unquestionable virtues of young Canadians who unwittingly (one can only hope unwittingly) died in the service of British Imperialism in World War One, let us consider the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion. These chaps were the sort of people who were more likely to think about what they were doing before risking their lives and killing others. They fought fascism in Spain while so much of the rest of the world was just hoping fascism would go away. These Canadians did not wait for their governments or the bourgeois press to tell them what to think or what to do.

But are they ever remembered on Remembrance Day? Alas, they were Leftists. And Leftists who go to war without state sanction must be sent down the memory hole. Doubtless they would be called "terrorists" now: the bourgeoisie's pet word for violence not sanctioned by the governments of alleged democracies.

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