Monday, October 18, 2010


the gentleman pictured to the left here was not a Christian.

Oh dear.

Dear me, Chris, deary, deary me. What are we to do with you? I'm at a loss. Anyway, here's a little poem on the matter:

There was an angry atheist,
who with the Lord was greatly pissed;
religion burned him up as well,
because it talked too much of hell,
but when a man of Christian mission
turned out not to be a villain,
spoke of peace and not damnation,
Hitchens did a thought negation,
fiddling with the definition
of what made a very Christian.

Damn his fustimystication!
And mendacious truculation!
Words are public property,
dithering dishonestly
by changing meanings at a whim,
and flexing them aback again,
to sate your ego,
serve a grudge,

will turn you into a soggy pumpkin.

(Osama Bin Laden, I've heard tell, is actually a Freemason. No, really.)

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