Monday, October 11, 2010


The existence of the Celebrity is the result of an imposed ontological competition: one cannot BE unless one IS more than another IS. Just as in capitalism prosperity is not possible for all because capitalism necessitates the exploitation of many, in capitalism there cannot be anything like universal wealth of being. In capitalism people are pushed into self-contempt just as they are pushed into poverty; both self-contempt and poverty are built into the system.

Wealth in capitalism is generated by poverty. Being in capitalism is generated by feelings of worthlessness. In capitalism, if one wants prosperity one must emulate the capitalist and exploit workers. Likewise, capitalism pressures one to enjoy peace with the self by finding a way of consigning the masses to the role of inferior and spectator. Hence, genuine love of self and of other are always, even if not consciously or directly, at war with capital.

What I am criticizing here is the very structure of pride, in the worst sense of that word. Beware the eyes that take in the light and give none back.

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