Sunday, September 4, 2011


Recently I spoke pretty positively about Ralph Harris's GOD'S ASTOUNDING OPINION OF YOU. And I still stand behind those comments. But then on page 153 I encounter this:

"Our public school system is not set up to accurately equip our children to know who they are. I don't mean to lay blame, but I do mean to illuminate. Public schools lump saved and unsaved children together . . ."

And I think I felt a cold draft from Hell. "Saved and unsaved children"?

I can see how many of us Christians totally creep out the rest of the world. Some of us seem so nice, rational, well-intentioned, and then that Us and Them stuff comes up, right in the middle of the most patient and forgiving talk. Yes, it's not that we hate or judge the non-Christians, it's just that in our own gentle, mild-mannered way, we assert that they are all going to be damned.

Man. I think the Devil got a hold of God's revolution in Christ and has seriously corrupted it. The "Good News" seems to have a great many qualifications to it, doesn't it?

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