Wednesday, September 21, 2011


thing going on at YouTube apparently, where you upload a video of yourself denying the Holy Spirit.

So I am moved here to state my own position: I DO beleive in the Holy Spirit, and the divinity of Jesus Christ. I also believe in His literal death and resurrection as the way to salvation for our sins AND ultimately, from all manner of pain, injustice, and evil.

And since there seem to be a growing number of atheists who think (or pretend to think) that the only variety of Christian who exists is of the fundamentalist variety, let me declare a few things I DO NOT believe:

I DO NOT believe that only Christians are saved.
I DO NOT believe the world is only 5,000 years old.
I DO NOT believe that homosexuality is a sin (read my porn). God made gayness.
I DO NOT believe in the infallibility of scripture, important as scripture is.

I VERY STRONGLY SUSPECT and am coming to believe in the truth of Universalism: that is, the doctrine that all people, one way or another, if not in this life then in a later one, shall be eternally reunited with God.

I am more than a little fed up with the threat of hell hanging over my head; I think it rots one's love of God.

And I am more than a little fed up with the fuck-the-dog patriotism of the fundamentalists, who seem to think that love of Jesus must entail a hearty approval American Imperialism.

A caution to the deniers of the Holy Spirit: do not let the viciousness and willful stupidity of fundamentalists drive you to close your mind or your heart to God in whatever fashion He/She presents Herself.

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