Friday, December 24, 2010


that the birth of Christ in the world is not only a religious miracle but a political one. Christ's life on earth was like the battle of Kursk: the turning event in a great war, the beginning of the protracted and agonizing end of the Enemy.

The war I speak of is the war against sin and suffering and death, and it is fought out in the heart of every individual and in the political and economic structures we live in.

The birth of Christ is the promise of salvation to the suffering and forgiveness of the wicked (and all of us are some of both).

This is also a time of great mystery, a time which religious doctrines can to some extent elucidate, but not explain.

This is the time when God begins to retake His lost creation. How could She ever have lost it? Why the immeasurable distance between us and our Creator? No one can understand, and for some this very question is the death of anything that might be called religion.

But it need not be. And on both sides of the great divide God acts and sees and loves.

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