Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Simply put, because it is humiliating. And I identify with the spankee more than the spanker, frankly. If you check out my story in the SPANK! anthology, you will find I have added my own characteristic twist to the situation: getting stuck in something. This may be a more unusual fetish than spanking, but it's a big part of what turns me on.

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a very attractive woman who is not in the anthology, but who does look like she might be about to get stuck. And if she does, who's to say she won't get a spanking?


Tara S Nichols said...

I completely get the "getting stuck in something".

D. L. King said...

Roxy, where did you ever find such a picture? It looks like it was just made-to-order for you! Yum!

Thanks for being a part of Spank and for being you!

Roxy Katt said...

Hi Tara,

Cool! It's kind of an odd fetish, but there are some of us out there. I probably got it from television when I was a kid or something.

Roxy Katt said...

Hi D.L.,

I don't remember where I got this pic. It was probably posted at a yahoo group or something specializing in rubber. (That's not much help, is it? Tons of those! :) ) I really love the colouring here too -- not just the outfit, but her face and hair.