Tuesday, September 14, 2010


My contribution to Logical Lust's latest anthology (to be released tomorrow) is called "The Trumpet of Destiny." Thought I'd just post a wee excerpt here:

Take her ass, for example:

Still walking behind her, I noticed her magnificent skirt-stretching derriere was actually a little large for the rest of her skinny frame. Not fat, but well rounded and very wide-boned -- and very firm. This was not surprising, given that Hank, I knew, could never go for a woman not built to receive a thorough spanking.

It had been a long time since he had given one to me. Yes, doubtless this leather-lapped backside before me was the one that had been reddening under his masterful mitt while my own bottom had been languishing in neglect. I remembered when I used to wear pleated cheerleader skirts -- knowing how much an older woman in a pleated cheerleader skirt provoked him to madness -- and then feigned astonishment when, in some public place but at a moment when nobody was looking, he would hoist the back of it and give me a terrific smack right on the heinie. I would go cross-eyed trying to stifle my yelp of delight and pain, stand there knock-kneed rubbing my ass, while he nonchalantly pretended that absolutely nothing whatsoever had happened.

God, it had been fun. And now he was a bastard. An absolute, fucking bastard. And she, the one the bastard was fucking, she was hot; no doubt about it. I didn't know whether this should make me feel better or worse. And she had good taste, I thought, glancing about the house, no doubt about that either.