Wednesday, August 26, 2009


So here's another review of Where the Girls Are, this time at Erotica Revealed, and written by Steven Hart.

Below is an excerpt which mentions my story in particular:

"Best of all though is an absolutely steamy and utterly hilarious encounter between a cowgirl from Alberta and a wanna-be horse (girl) from Toronto. Though they meet in the sophisticate’s home city, it is clearly the country girl who has the upper hand in the outstanding story, “The City Pony” by Roxy Katt. Not the least of this story’s many virtues is the dialogue. It is genuinely witty, delightfully absurd and absolutely authentic in the way it captures the curious non-sequiturs of human discourse especially in the jittery throes of sexual arousal.

"At times the ‘pony’ seems a bit unsure if she is not actually a cow of some sort. The cowgirl often has to race to keep up with the innuendo the ‘pony’ is tossing to her as the would-be equine tries to maintain the illusion of a subordinate position. After all, she is the pony, right? When at last she is brought to tether, the experience is really a good deal more humiliating and exciting than she had expected. "

Hopla! Very happy about this!

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