Monday, August 10, 2009


have been disrupting town hall meetings all over the United States which are trying to consider the idea of public health care. I'd like to get a word or two in edgewise here, if the minions of America's parasitical corporate "health care" system don't mind. The quotation is from the excellent The Meaning of Marxism (2006) by Paul D'Amato:

"A 2004 study by Harvard Medical School researchers and Public Citizen found that the health care bureaucracy cost the United States $399.4 billion that year, and that a national health insurance system could save at least $286 billion annually on paperwork. That would be enough money to provide health care for all of the 43 million uninsured people in the United States, as well as full prescription drug coverage for everyone in the country.

"The study found that bureaucracy accounts for 31 percent of U.S. health care spending, whereas in Canada, where the national health care system still hangs on, bureaucracy accounts for only 16.7 percent of health care spending. Canada's system also manages to provide more health services per dollar spent."

This all contradicts capitalism's politically correct dogma that the public sector is less efficient than the private sector. But if we try to actually question the dogma of capitalist business as lean and efficient why should we be surprised that capitalist medicine works so badly? If you run a system simply for the sake of providing a service, with the workers in that system getting paid of course, that is one thing. But if you run a system whose reason for being is to make its owners rich, then not only do you have to pay the workers, you ALSO have to pay the parasitical owners. As usual, the capitalist class is not paid for its labour (and whether it works hard or not is quite irrelevant) but for what it owns. THAT'S why the rich are rich, ladies and gentlemen, not because of the work they do, but because of the wealth they own: wealth that already comes from the expropriation of other people's labour. And so the cancer of capitalism grows and grows.

Americans die to keep Mr. Moneybags in power. And these corporate freeloaders and their minions want to spread their parasite-feeding medical system to Canada.

I am not speaking hyperbolically here: anyone trying to bring private health care to Canada is conspiring to commit murder whether they know it or not.


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Queen of the Universe said...

I second that. I grew up in Europe because my dad was in the service and had a German doctor. Aside from so much more being available for holistic healing, I was shocked to return to the US to see the mess we have now. I worked as a contractor for healthcare networks for years and I will tell you, they are all about the profit, no matter the spin they put on it. Yesterday I got an ecard from my sister on that said "I am more scared of those afraid of socialized medicine than I am of socialized medicine".

They just don't get it here, at all.

kswolff said...

Jeez Queen!

Why do you hate America?

B. Hussein O. socialism killing babies death panels!

I don't want govt intervention in my health, I just want Medicare and Social Security like every other bourgeois parasite who thinks Ayn Rand has talent and a coherent philosophy beyond the reptile-brain screaming "Gimme!"

Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

jerwolf said...

Medicare and Social Security are goverment intervention. You need to sniff more glue.

kswolff said...

I read an editor in our non-competitive daily rag that used the words "Canada" and "totalitarian health care." Seriously, what the fuck?

"First, there was single payer, then Canada annexed Poland!"

Health care critics, like critics of desegregation (if not the same people) are nucking futs!