Sunday, March 29, 2009


Surprise! But seriously, if you've never read this guy before (I've been reading him for years) you have to check him out. I've posted a new link in my links list (to the left, here).

I don't think I've learned about politics from anyone more than I have from Chomsky (although Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Marx certainly come to mind).

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kswolff said...

I've never read him, but I've seen him as a talking head on numerous documentaries. Oddly enough, his linguistic theory -- since his activist writing are his "side job" -- are rather conservative and traditionalist. So be it. Any scholar who is an enemy of neoconservative codswallop is a friend of mine.

Other people to check out:

*William Greider -- liberal economist and journalist.

*Haynes Johnson -- liberal journalist.

*William Manchester -- journalist, wrote bios of Churchill and Gen. MacArthur.

*Robert Caro -- biographer of Robert Moses and LBJ.

*Bob Black -- anti-work activist.

*Jane Jacobs -- anti-urban planning social activist.

*Robert Anton Wilson -- author, philosopher, and conspiracy debunker.

*Mikhail Bakunin -- atheist anarchist. Marx kicked him out of the International for being too radical.