Saturday, November 2, 2013

Just Published by Me at Smashwords . . .

"The Trumpet of Destiny" is the latest of my stories to be published at Smashwords.  It's a spanking story involving a confrontation between a jealous wife and the Other Woman.  This story was originally in the 2010 Spank! anthology published by Logical-Lust and edited by D.L. King.

Only recently, with "The Ant Queen," have I been getting into self publishing.  My previously published stories were all in hardcopy, multi-author anthologies or magazines (some of which are available as ebooks now).  But I will be systematically republishing these tales of mine as inexpensive singles.  Along the way I hope to write and publish some new stories.  Currently, I'm working on one which features a futa Mrs. Emma Peeler and a young woman at a distinguished girls' school.  I'll let you stew on that idea for a while, if you like.

For this latest story I have hazarded some cover art done by myself.  I think the cartoonish nature of it suits the story (though the characters involved are not cartoon characters). 

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