Monday, February 20, 2012


I forgot to mention: One of my stories, "The Ungirdling, is in the new Sapphic Planet anthology. And where can you get this new ebook you ask? Try any one of the following:

And here is the table of contents:

Allison Wonderland-----Bathing Beauty
Jean Roberta--------------Fame
Kissa Starling------------An Act of Passion
Jodi Payne----------------Licked
Jennifer Cross------------Patience
Dylynn DeSaint----------Haircut
JT Langdon---------------Eyes of Surrender
Nan Andrews-------------Her Smile
Meg Leigh----------------Two Steps Back
Fiona Zedde---------------‘Love, Zora’
Ann Cory------------------Her Forever
Adriana Kraft-------------Accidental Contact
Dalia Craig----------------A Secret Liaison
Stephanie Rose------------Traffic Stop
Tenille Brown-------------Taming Tildy
Kira Chase-----------------Seduced
Moondancer Drake-------Top Priority
Roxy Katt------------------The Ungirdling
Beth Wylde----------------Brotherly Love

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