Sunday, December 4, 2011


If you are opposed to OWS, you are messing with God. Don't do it. I mean it. OWS is standing up for the poor. When people stand up for the poor and the downtrodden and you just sneer at them, you are making trouble for yourself. Make no mistake.

What is all this dismissive blather about how OWS is full of the unemployed? As if THEY, of all people, have less of a right to speak and protest!

Ha! OWS is not going away. Let the cops crack down on it as much as they like. They cannot stop this movement. Here is, again, the wonderful Chris Hedges on YouTube.

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john_m_burt said...

As somebody-or-other once said, "What you did for the least of your brethren, you did for me" (and vice versa).