Thursday, February 10, 2011


The image above is taken from the November 2010 issue of SCALE MILITARY MODELLER. It is a captioned close-up of part of a diorama featuring battle between Soviet and German troops in WWII.

Now, I peruse this magazine pretty often, and I can say these guys know their tanks well and would never, for example, mistake a Panzer II for a Panzer III or a Sherman for a Chaffee. The modellers featured in this publication build stuff that is way out of my own very humble league.

But mistaking Lenin for Stalin? We modellers are known for our pedantry -- endless debates have occurred, for example, about what just the right shade of olive drab is appropriate for a Sherman tank. So I think I can be excused if I express my own dismay at a historical faux pas that makes one wonder just how much the buttons and badges crowd really understands about the war in its larger and more important contexts. Hopla!

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