Friday, January 14, 2011


I am not interested in a god who never hung on a cross and I am not interested in a god who can do nothing else.

I am not interested in a god who is above our sufferings. God must partake of them or he is not our god.

I am not interested in a god who suffers with us but can never set anything right, who only wrings his hands in heaven, virtuously feeling sorry for everyone.

And a point must come where there is no more torture of the innocent, no more mockery of the good, no spear in the side of the righteous and the holy.

A time must come when the soldier, if he does not repent his allegiance to the Christ-murdering power of Caesar in all his forms, must have his legs violently broken and all his teeth pulled out with brutal pliers.

He must scream in inarticulate, bloody agony as he is nailed to the cross he forced others to make.

If you will not be fixed, you must be broken.

Did you really think that Jesus, meek and mild, would suffer for ever and ever? Did you think that was God's merciful plan?

I am beginning to think that this is what all the allusions in the Bible to hell are about: not an eternity of conscious torture, for that is neither just nor merciful, but an uncompromising declaration that no one will hold God and Her children hostage to darkness forever. That is not negotiable.

Let the fascists who run this world in their suits and uniforms laugh. God shall hold her enemies in derision and break their stony hearts to powder.

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