Saturday, June 5, 2010


What do you do when some party you greatly favour has done something evil and you do not have the courage, honesty, or integrity to criticize? How do you refrain from giving honest blame but at the same time assure the world you are no monster and that you take seriously the terrible loss or suffering involved?

You solve the dilemma by calling the situation "tragic." You pull a long and sombre face. You are so deeply impressed with the gravity of the situation, in fact, that you can not do anything so small as to blame anybody for it. This is no time for partisanship, is it? That, yes, would be to trivialize everything, wouldn't it? "Tragedy" here implies a great mystery which serious and responsible people do not profane by anything so silly as an explanation. The issue of personal responsibility has been transcended altogether in this august view of the situation, or at least rendered too complex for the obscenity of a moral judgement.

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