Monday, September 8, 2008


This is Gigolo Jane from the film, A.I. Her appearance in this
flick is all to brief (surprise surprise. Ever notice how the ultra-
babe in the sexy latex or leather catsuit is always given short
shrift by the camera? What about Trance in Andromeda? Notice
how she's always in darkness so you can't get a good look at her
leathers? What is this shit anyway? I mean, maybe the idea is
that people who like that sort of thing are pervs who must be
given the nod now and then but not overindulged . . . dammit.)

Anyhow, I'd love to wear this. Except I'd rather do so not as a
robo-prostitute, as Gigolo Jane is. Rather, I'd add some
paramilitary accessories and be some kind of space cop or security person.

Gee, I sure hope no one would use my handcuffs against me! That
would be too totally humiliating!


Queen of the Universe said...

Oh I am so there but would be BEGGING for someone to try to use the handcuffs against me...that is when the fun stuff happens! LOL

kswolff said...

As a man-person, I'm not into wearing that garment. But I do like Michelle Pfeiffer's costume in "Batman Returns."