Friday, August 29, 2008

"Hello, Greta dear? . . . oh yes, I did get the shaper I ordered from you . . . oh yes, it works very well . . . oh yes, holds me in marvellously. Er, there's just one thing dear . . . oh no . . . quite reasonably priced. But you see, the reason I'm calling . . . yes, the colour's just fine too. No complaints about that. But the reason I'm calling you is . . . can you tell me how to get the flying hell OUT of this humiliating, patriarchal antique rig? Because you see, darling, I seem to be hopelessly stuck in it. . . . That's right, I feel like a complete idiot. Got it in one, dear. . . . Say it happens all the time? Pardon me, dear, but you're not actually laughing, are you? Because I do have a lawyer and I can sue for emotional trauma you know . . . you'll have a girl over right away? . . . you mean that cute little thing with the sassy look on her face? Thank you darling. Ta-ta for now . . ."

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