Thursday, February 14, 2008


I have no car. I can't afford one, and don't need it.
I don't even like driving. But I do like old cars, and have taken recently to reading magazines devoted to car collectors.

CAR COLLECTOR has a section called Auction
Forum, wherein old cars recently sold at auctions
are discussed and evaluated. The August 2007
edition includes an entry on a 1937 FIAT 500
Topolino Siata Gran Sport Cabriolet, Body by Ghia, a picture of which I include here.

I quote part of the CAR COLLECTOR entry here, because I was surprised at the level of passion expressed:

"Ugly, awful chassis, engine and everything else.
Totally neglected except for paint and seats. This
is a shamefully shabbily treated Topolino, an
auction car that someone has given a top quality
repaint and new interior and left in absolutely
despicable condition everywhere else.
It is a disgrace, and was deservedly shunned by
the bidders in Monaco. The scum who presented
it to the auction can now take it back and try to do
the rest of the car without messing up the cosmetics."

Yowsa! "Scum"! Well, some people are passionate
about their hobbies. I can understand that. I'm
in no position to disagree with the expertise of
the writer, but I must say the vehicle in question
looks darned cute. Not sure I like the white
wheel hubs, though.

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